Ways to Present the Grammar Gallery Materials
One of the reasons educators love Grammar Gallery is because it's delivered via the Internet and adaptable to both low and high technology contexts. Grammar Gallery files can be printed, projected onto a large screen using an interactive whiteboard, viewed on a monitor, or accessed via an electronic tablet.
interactive whiteboard
Interactive Whiteboards
Grammar Gallery is the perfect complement to interactive whiteboards. With thousands of stunning visuals, Grammar Gallery captivates and engages students when presented on the large screen. You can use your whiteboard and tools to present the Overview Charts and complete the Sentences Frames with the class. Or use the whiteboard to present the readings and answer the "Check Your Comprehension" sections.There are endless ways to use Grammar Gallery with your interactive whiteboard!

Click here for special instructions on using Grammar Gallery with SMART Boards, and click here for tips on using it with Promethean Boards.

Click here for instructions on englarging the pictures in the Overview Charts.
Program Technical Requirements
In a nutshell, anyone with  a computer and Internet access can use Grammar Gallery. For more detailed technical requirements, click here.
Completing PDF Forms Online
The Pre-Checks and Post-Checks, the "Now You Try!" and Grammar Challenge practice sheets in the Practice Room (Student Gallery), and the "Check Your Knowledge" comprehension questions in the Reading Gallery can be completed online using the PDF forms. With most PCs or MACs, students simply put their cursor in the spot where the answer would go and then start typing. With multiple choice questions, students simply click on the circle next to the answer they choose. With Adobe Reader XI, which is free to download, students can type their answers online and then print, save, email, or upload their completed work to a class folder.

iPads & Other Tablets
Students love viewing Grammar Gallery on iPads and electronic tablets. They become more engaged in the learning process when they can view, manipulate, and interact with the content on the screen.

PDF forms also can be completed on the iPad, but users will need a special app such as PDF Expert in order to do so.

Click here for instructions on how to use PDF Expert with the PDF forms in Grammar Gallery.
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Use Grammar Gallery with  Chromebooks. Accessing, completing, and submitting student materials online is easier than ever!