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"Advances in Medicine" Reading Series
Each month in 2021, we will release a new nonfiction reading in the "Advances in Medicine" series. This series focuses on medical breakthroughs and other topics relevant to the field of medicine. Click here to access these readings, which are appropriate for Intermediate-Advanced ELs and include critical thinking questions, an academic vocabulary focus, and a comprehension check. Licensed Grammar Gallery users also have access to a version of each reading designed for Beginning - Early Intermediate learners. 6/21

Using Grammar Gallery for Distance Learning
Click here to learn how the Student Gallery - which includes grammar reference sheets, activity sheets, fiction and nonfiction readings, academic vocabulary, idioms, assessment, and more - can be used at home for distance learning. 7/20 

30 New "Farm Life" Lessons Added to Level 1
Students in rural and urban communities alike will enjoy learning about crops, livestock, baking, and more as they build their academic language skills using the new Level 1 Farm Life resources - 30 new lessons in all! Sign up for a free trial to check out the newcomer lesson and all the other innovative resources included in Grammar Gallery. 12/19

Newcomer Lessons - Now Available!
Newcomer resources include a 15-minute lesson plan, overview charts, sentence frames, and student worksheets covering name, address, phone number, greetings, days of the week, months of the year, and other topics critical to new arrivals. 9/19

Building Academic Vocabulary

In 2019, we're providing educators with even more support to build students’ academic vocabulary. Our monthly bonus resource includes a word from Grammar Gallery's Academic Vocabulary Series. For each word, you'll find a short text using the target term in context, a definition of the term, etymology of the word, and other features. To view the academic vocabulary sheets and all of the bonus lessons and resources available, visit the Bonus Lessons & Resources page. For more information about the series, click here. 10/19

New Resources Help Students Master Test Terms  
Grammar Gallery's new resources are specifically aimed at helping students master critical terms they confront on standardized tests. You can find Test Terms on the Academic Support page under the "Special Topics" tab on the site for licensed users. 12/17

Understanding Allusions 
The Common Core State Standards call on students to understand and analyze allusions from literature, history, and the Bible. Too often, however, students lack the background information to grasp such allusions. The new "Understanding Allusions" resources are intended to help students build this background knowledge. You can find these resources on the Academic Support page under the "Special Topics" tab on the site for licensed users. 12/17

It's a Snap: Teaching English Idioms
Idioms are one of the most difficult concepts for English learners to master. Grammar Gallery's NEW Idiom Room offers amazing new resources for you to use in teaching your students English idioms. Visit the Idiom Room to access idioms associated with all of the Grammar Gallery topics. Each of these topics includes target idioms and engaging activities for all five language levels. You'll also find lesson plans to use with these resources. 9/16

Wow Your Students with Wise Words
The Wise Words resources are now available! Organized by topic and level, each presentation file includes a lesson built around a thought-provoking quotation. Use these lessons to reinforce target grammatical forms, practice close reading, and extend student learning with writing activities. These lessons also give students opportunities to analyze quotations, learn about different time periods and historical figures, and make connections to their own lives. 11/15

NOW AVAILABLE: Grammar Task Cards
We're pleased to announce the release of the Grammar Gallery Task Cards. The Task Cards are small cards that contain a grammar-related task or activity for students to complete. Teachers can use task cards to differentiate instruction, target a wider range of skills, and promote student collaboration and autonomy. Task cards are perfect for review and practice as well as for enrichment and work well in both individual and group learning contexts. We have a set of task cards aligned to every grammatical form in the program. 2/15

Memes* Merge Grammar and Glee
We're pleased to announce the release of 50+ fun (and funny) grammar memes - one for every grammatical form in Grammar Gallery. Memes make great warm-up and sponge activities, and also provide opportunities to explore sarcasm, idiomatic language, pop culture, puns, and more! 8/14
*a humorous image, video, or text that is copied (often with slight variation) and spread rapidly by Internet users

Grammar Gallery + Chromebooks = Perfect Match
Are your students using Chromebooks? Accessing, completing, and submitting Grammar Gallery work on PDF forms is easier than ever with Chromebooks. Click here for simple instructions. Teachers can determine the best way for students to submit their work, whether it's emailing or saving the files to a Dropbox folder or classroom management site. 6/14

Gallery Talk: Fine Art and Historical Photographs Spur Academic Discussions
Gallery Talk is an innovative resource teachers can use to engage students in authentic academic conversations that center on fine art images and historical photographs. Gallery Talk addresses the CCSS Speaking & Listening standards (Grades K-12) and integrates the target forms and vocabulary in Grammar Gallery, Levels 1-5. It’s what everyone is talking about! 5/14

NOW AVAILABLE: Expanded Pre-Checks and Post-Checks
In addition to questions about grammatical forms and functions, the new EXPANDED Pre-Checks and Post-Checks include academic vocabulary questions, reading comprehension questions, inference questions, writing tasks, and more! These assessment tools provide more information to guide instruction and evaluate student mastery of the content they are learning in the Grammar Gallery program. 1/14

Grammar Gallery - The Next Generation
Grammar Gallery will continue to help students master the rules of English grammar, build their vocabulary, and achieve academic language proficiency, but the next generation of the program - available September 3, 2013 - will do SO MUCH MORE! Click here to learn more. 9/13

Using Grammar Gallery to Build Close Reading Skills and Academic Vocabulary
Close reading is an approach to reading that can be extremely complex. Grammar Gallery includes more than 300 readings, any one of which can be a springboard for you to use to help your students develop and refine their close reading skills. Click here to read more. Academic vocabulary instruction helps students develop the communicative competence they need for academic success. Grammar Gallery offers academic vocabulary instruction and resources that are meaningful, productive, and purpose driven. Click here to read more. 11/12

New Grammar Challenge Worksheets: Articles
Articles are particularly tricky for English learners. Students often wonder: Do we use a, an, the, or no article at all? In addition to the Student Reference Sheet that addresses this topic and the six lessons in the Main Gallery (Level 2), we’ve added six new worksheets to help more advanced students practice what they’ve learned about article usage. These sheets can be completed online or printed and completed on paper. 10/12

In the News: The Hechinger Report Highlights Grammar Gallery

As more educators understand the importance of explicit grammar instruction, they look for high-quality instructional materials that are teacher and student friendly. Grammar Gallery continues to be the nation’s premier grammar program. The Hechinger Report recently spoke to the Grammar Gallery developers about the program and grammar instruction across the nation. Click here to read The Hechinger Report article. 10/12
What's New in Grammar Gallery?
There's always something new in Grammar Gallery because we are continually adding new content and enhancements to the site. Many of the new materials are the direct results of suggestions from educators like YOU! Check this page regularly to find out what's new in Grammar Gallery.
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