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The Student Gallery includes the materials listed below. Teachers can print or project these materials and/or students can view them on a computer or iPad:

A Grammar Library with Student Reference Sheets and small group practice activities for each grammatical form students are learning.

A Reading Gallery that includes 300 fiction and nonfiction texts that incorporate critical thinking questions, an academic vocabulary focus, and comprehension questions.

A Writing Gallery with Writing Reference Sheets and practice activities on topics such as Parts of a Paragraph, The Writing Process, Narrative Writing, Choosing a Topic, Commas and Apostrophes, and Capitalization Rules.

A Practice Room with "Now You Try!" practice sheets and Grammar Challenge activities.

Interactive Virtual Adventures that offer students a chance to apply their learning about a wide variety of topics--from subject-verb agreement, to antonyms, to homonyms. 

Online practice tests with automatic scoring.
#6: What's included in the Student Gallery?
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