What Do Grammar Gallery Users Say About the Program?
“I am such a fan of Grammar Gallery, as are many of us in SFUSD. It is such an amazing resource, and keeps getting better.”
-Sherry V., San Francisco Unified School District, CA

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Grammar Gallery team. I’ve loved the product since day one, and truly think it’s an essential tool for helping our English learners attain proficiency and beyond.”
-Michelle B., San Bernardino City Unified School District, CA

“I LOVE GRAMMAR GALLERY! My ESL supervisor purchased it to assist us with teaching ELL students and I just can’t say enough good things about the program. I have only had the program since August, but I know every word of it! I have never been so excited about a program! It is exactly what every teacher needs in their toolkit.”
-Kelly P., Lower Dauphin School District, PA

“I'm blown away at how perfect this is for ESL teachers. Some think it's grammar the way we were taught in school, but this is so much more. Thank you for a wonderful product!”
-Valerie M., Hillsboro School District, OR

“Grammar Gallery is an amazing resource. I feel it's such a useful tool for teachers to help English learners. When I used it with my students, it was very powerful. The guided instruction is explicit and the visuals are excellent. The program really supports English learners.”
-Gwyneth D., Title III Consortium, South Dakota

"I feel so fortunate to have found Grammar Gallery - it is an invaluable resource for my distance learning instruction. I work with students who are new to the United States - they have arrived within the past three years - and the clear and vibrant images, coupled with the clear progression of skills make this program so very relevant and useful. I have had great success with the scaffolded exercises at the end of each section - in fact, we have created dynamic challenges and games in the virtual space that have made learning fun for my students.  Thank you so much Grammar Gallery!"
-Megan B., West Contra Costa Unified School District, CA

“I love this resource more than any other resource I use to teach ELs!”
-Sophia H., Stanford New Schools, CA

“I really like the written component. It is sometimes difficult to find related writing tasks and Grammar Gallery solves that problem.”
-Melody P., Nixa School District, MO

“I like the fact that Grammar Gallery really lays the whole thing out for ELL teachers. I also like the fact that you have such excellent support for teachers who have questions.”
-Lynne M., Coolidge Unified School District, AZ

“Thanks for all of the great items you continue to update on the Grammar Gallery. … One aspect of Grammar Gallery that I particularly like is the fact that it is all teacher guided instruction.  I find that too often teachers will find a good piece of technology and let the students entertain (busy) themselves with it while the teacher goes off to do another task.  I am all for technology being used as an instructional tool; not a busywork tool.”
-Anna S., Moore County Schools, NC

“I am very impressed!  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this kind of communication and action. … My Intermediate level ELD class just worked with your wonderful lesson. We had already worked quite a bit on the use of was/wasn’t and were/weren’t, but having the large pictures and print was a great reinforcement.  I have a promethean board so the kids really enjoyed writing the words for the sentences. I use A Systematic Approach to ELD (a program) and your addition of extending the one sentence with a conjunction was perfect!  That is exactly what we had to do with our program.”
-Margaret S., Hueneme School District, CA

"Wow! I did not realize how much I would like Grammar Gallery. I spent my Saturday over break exploring the website and the different lessons. I really like the student gallery, vocabulary cards, and picture prompts. My class and I love it! I focused the first lesson on contractions. We used the Level Three contractions lesson about nature. I liked how the lesson was organized and set up. The visual pictures really helped my students. My students have struggled with the concepts of contractions. The repetitiveness and gradual response-like lesson helped my students a lot. I like that technology was incorporated into the lesson. Anytime my students are able to write on the SMART board, they automatically become more engaged...Overall, I am grateful that the district purchased Grammar Gallery. I plan to start using this tool when teaching and sharing it with my team!"
-Third Grade Teacher, Washington Elementary School District, AZ

"I'm impressed with the vast array of resources in the Grammar Gallery program, including the new Reading Gallery! The program is my go-to resource for grammar instruction."
-Nicolette M., Excelsior Charter School, Victorville, CA

"Grammar Gallery has everything an EL needs to make learning English
accessible and fun.  My students are exposed to rich academic vocabulary,
photographs of real people and situations, and topics that integrate all
of the content areas.  When it's GG time in my classroom my kids are
engaged, motivated, and confident."
-Angelique M., DeKalb County Schools, GA

“I’ve taught ESL for about 23 years - all ages … beginners to advanced. About 2 years ago I came across a trial of your site .. loved it [and] convinced our head/dept to purchase the license. Love the constant updates and extensions and color; better than that…so do ALL my high school students. It’s clear, on target, controlled. [Thanks] again for great program.”
-Arlene T., Moore County Schools, NC

“We absolutely love Grammar Gallery!”
-Angie F., Hueneme Elementary School District, CA

"The colorful photos and activities helped keep my students' attention and focus. I love Grammar Gallery!"
-Mary H., San Bernardino City Unified School District, CA

“I took my 8/9 year-olds through the Level 3 Nouns lesson. The visuals were so helpful. As I had anticipated, the weaker students jumped in happily as the lesson had that excellent ‘I do, we do, you do’ structure to it. I was also able to keep the pace going at enough speed so that the strongest students could benefit from it as a drill activity… The technical notes re speech parts were also useful as teaching charts …We enlarged the chart that showed the breakdown of nouns into their categories with ease for everyone and they then copied it into their exercise books. I was very happy with how smoothly the lesson went.”
-Bernadette L., Yokine Primary School, Australia
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