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Welcome, students!
Are you ready to explore
the United States?

We can take a virtual vacation without packing a bag or paying a penny!
Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students:

At Grammar Gallery, we're ready for spring break! Join us on a trip across the United States. As we explore the attractions and geographic features of the states, we'll also be building students' reading and writing skills with a particular emphasis on grammar and academic language. This fun-filled (and free!) spring break adventure will be educational and exciting for students at all language levels. Whether students are just learning English or are native speakers of the language, this virtual spring break is for them! We're looking forward to "traveling" with you!

The Grammar Gallery Spring Break Guides
Stop #1: The Midwest
Discover the Midwest with Tour Guide Jennifer. We'll visit Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan, stroll through downtown Chicago, catch a baseball game in Omaha, Nebraska, explore Talking Rock Cavern in Missouri, and more! CLICK HERE TO START.
Students explore the 50 states AND improve their reading, writing, and grammar skills while having loads of fun!
Stop #3: The South
Discover the South with Tour Guides Heera and Brandon. We'll learn about the historic Alamo of Texas, snorkel in the Florida Keys, visit Jamestown, Virginia, the site of America's first permanent colony, listen to the music of Elvis Presley in Tennessee, and more! CLICK HERE TO START.
Sleeping Bear Dune
Stop #2: The West
Discover the West with Tour Guide Virginia. We'll cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, hike to the top of Mt. Rainier in Washington, fly over Crater Lake in Oregon, and check out Shoshone Falls in Idaho.  CLICK HERE TO START.

Stop #4: The Northeast
Discover the Northeast with Tour Guide Marisela. We'll go whale watching in Maine, see a play on Broadway in New York City, visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, check out old textile mills in Massachusetts, and more! CLICK HERE TO START.
The Alamo
The Florida Keys
Mt. Rainier