Program Overview
Grammar Gallery is a teacher-delivered instructional program accessed through the Internet. It's the nation's premier web-based grammar program. 

Main Gallery -- the heart of the program -- includes 900 downloadable resources, including:

300 INTRODUCE resources that focus on oral language. Each of these resources includes a 20-minute lesson plan and everything you need to deliver it -- concept pictures, sentence frames, a student worksheet, and background information for the teacher.

300 REINFORCE resources that focus on reading. Each of these resources includes a 30-minute lesson plan and everything you need to deliver it -- a reading, critical thinking questions, a focus on academic vocabulary development, and a comprehension check.

300 EXPAND resources that focus on writing. Each of these resources includes a 30-minute writing lesson plan and everything you need to deliver it -- a student reference sheet on the writing topic and a writing practice worksheet. 

The Student Gallery includes:

A Grammar Library that includes student reference sheets and activities covering each grammatical form.

A Reading Gallery that includes the readings (fiction and nonfiction) and activities incorporated into the REINFORCE lessons.

A Writing Gallery that includes the writing resources and writing practice activities incorporated into the EXPAND lessons.

Interactive virtual adventures covering topics such as subject-verb agreement and antonyms.

A Practice Room where students can complete the "Now You Try!" and grammar challenge worksheets online.

Quick online quizzes -- with automatic scoring -- covering each grammatical form.

Grammar Gallery incorporates:

More than 20,000 full-color photographs and illustrations.

Loads of support materials, including pre-checks and post-checks, extension activities, picture prompts, flexible frames, and games.

Professional development resources, including special presentations, e-newsletters, and bonus lessons and resources.

Educators love Grammar Gallery because itís Ö

* Aligned to the LANGUAGE, READING, and WRITING strands of the Common Core State Standards.

Easy to implement and use. No teacher training required!

* Perfect for students, especially English learners and struggling readers, at all proficiency and grade levels.

* A core or supplemental program that can be used to build vocabulary, teach grammar, and develop academic language proficiency -- all at the same time.

* Adaptable to both low and high technology educational contexts.
* Extremely cost-effective.
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Students learn grammar in the context of high-interest, standards-aligned social and academic topics such as those shown above.
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