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January Visual Discussion Starters: January Academic Vocabulary Sheet: establish
Verb Tense: Simple Present Academic Vocabulary Sheets: whereby and widespread Academic Vocabulary Sheets: amend and thereby PowerPoint Presentation: Writing a Summary Common Core Support: Writing a Summary Academic Vocabulary Sheet: advocate Chinese New Year Reading focusing on Future Progressive Tense MLK Day Lesson focusing on Subject Pronouns
February Visual Discussion Starters: February Academic Vocabulary Sheet: display
Verb Tense: Present Progressive Academic Vocabulary Sheets: abstract and accompany Academic Vocabulary Sheets: assume and currency PowerPoint Presentation: Starting an Academic Conversation Common Core Support: Starting an Academic Conversation Academic Vocabulary Sheet: federal "Leap Year Birthday" Reading focusing on Object Pronouns President’s Day Lesson focusing on Conjunctions
March Visual Discussion Starters: March
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: indicate
Verb Tense: Simple Future
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: acquire and underlie
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: controversy and professional PowerPoint Presentation: Continuing an Academic Conversation Common Core Support: Continuing an Academic Conversation Academic Vocabulary Sheet: ignorance "The Beautiful, Beneficial Beet" Reading focusing on Sequence Words Spring Lesson focusing on Adverbs
April Spring Break Virtual Vacation Academic Vocabulary Sheet: nevertheless
Verb Tense: Simple Past Academic Vocabulary Sheets: trend and transport
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: authority and substitute PowerPoint Presentation: Thinking (and Talking) about Thinking
Common Core Support: Thinking (and Talking) about Thinking Academic Vocabulary Sheet: issue "The New Colossus" Reading and Poem focusing on Indefinite Pronouns Earth Day Lesson focusing on Gerunds
May Brain Breaks at Home Academic Vocabulary Sheet: encounter
Verb Tense: Present Perfect
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: access and theme
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: credit and pose PowerPoint Presentation: Buying Time to Think Common Core Support: Buying Time to Think Academic Vocabulary Sheet: conclude "Ignacio Garcia -- Road Hero" focusing on Contractions The Great Outdoors Lesson focusing on Modals
June Adjective Practice - Summer Edition Academic Vocabulary Sheet: passive
Verb Tense:
Past Perfect
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: temporary and tense
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: exclude and perspective PowerPoint Presentation:  Using Evidence-Based Terms Common Core Support:Using Evidence-Based Terms Academic Vocabulary Sheet: odd "Hidden Treasures of the Sand" focusing on the Past Perfect Verb Tense Flag Day Lesson focusing on Simple Past Tense
July Preposition Practice - Summer Edition Academic Vocabulary Sheet: technical
Verb Tense:
Past Progressive
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: virtual and visible Academic Vocabulary Sheets: convene and found PowerPoint Presentation:
Understanding Cause and Effect
Common Core Support:
Understandin g Cause and Effect
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: cycle    
August Present Progressive Practice - Summer Edition Academic Vocabulary Sheet: revolution
Verb Tense:
Future Progressive
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: consult and voluntary Academic Vocabulary Sheets: discriminate and symbol PowerPoint Presentation:
Common Core Support:
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: abandon "The Sky's the Limit" focusing on Specialized Prepositions Back to School Lesson focusing on the Imperative
September   Academic Vocabulary Sheet: neutral
Verb Tense:
Future Perfect

Academic Vocabulary Sheets: task and team
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: academy and physical PowerPoint Presentation:
Summarizing a Plot
Common Core Support:
Summarizing a Plot
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: labor   Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson focusing on Simple Present Tense
October   Academic Vocabulary Sheet: scope
Verb Tense:
Present Perfect Progressive
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: generation and hence Academic Vocabulary Sheets: media and  protocol PowerPoint Presentation:
Making Inferences
Common Core Support:
Making Inferences
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: alter "The Tuscan Toll Goose" focusing on Figurative Language Fall Grammar Game focusing on they’re, there, their
November   Academic Vocabulary Sheet: overall
Verb Tense:
Past Perfect Progressive
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: adult and globe Academic Vocabulary Sheets: economics and income PowerPoint Presentation:
Saying Punctuation
Common Core Support:
Saying Punctuation
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: obvious "Thankful for Charlie" focusing on Contractions Native American Heritage Month Lesson focusing on Prepositions

Thanksgiving Lesson focusing on Multiple Verb Tenses
December   Academic Vocabulary Sheet: classic
Verb Tense:
Future Perfect Progressive
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: uniform and undertake
Academic Vocabulary Sheets: available and ongoing PowerPoint Presentation:
Identifying Big Ideas & Themes
Common Core Support:
Identifying Big Ideas & Themes
Academic Vocabulary Sheet: option "Giving Back to Our Community" focusing on Indefinite Pronouns Winter Grammar Game focusing on Subject Pronouns

Winter Lesson focusing on Comparative Adjectives
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