Licensing & Costs

Grammar Gallery is available through a K-12 district license, a K-12 school license, or an adult ed license. Grammar Gallery users must conform with the terms and conditions outlined in the Grammar Gallery License Agreement. Read the Grammar Gallery License Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Costs & Order Forms
For license costs, please download the appropriate Order Form (below) or contact us.

K-12 District License
K-12 School License

A license grants access to the Grammar Gallery web site as well as permission to use its downloadable, copyrighted files and other materials for educational purposes. Each teacher using the resources must be employed by an institution that has purchased a license, and the materials can only be used within the institution that made the purchase. Teachers employed in more than one institution may not use the materials in an unlicensed institution.

Licenses must be maintained for continued permission to use Grammar Gallery downloaded, copyrighted files. The Teacher Writing Center monitors its web sites for unauthorized sharing of passwords or downloaded files. Unauthorized sharing of passwords or downloaded files may result in the cancellation of the license without a refund, and users may be subject to retroactive charges.

For information on funding sources for Grammar Gallery, click here.
For ideas on how to self-fund a school license, click here.

W-9 Requests
To receive a copy of our W-9 (tax ID), please contact us at [email protected].

To order Grammar Gallery, please print and sign the appropriate Order Form and fax it to the Teacher Writing Center at (877) 848-0947 or email your purchase order to us at [email protected].

Request a Review or Virtual Presentation
To request a review or virtual presentation of Grammar Gallery, click here.

Sole Source Provider
For sole source provider documentation, click here.

Other Questions
Contact us.
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