Licensing & Implementation Guide
Step 1: Participate in a virtual  presentation and/or sign up for a free trial of Grammar Gallery. Click here to submit your request!
Step 2: Determine the cost for your license by consulting the appropriate order form. Grammar Gallery is available through a K-12 district license, a K-12 school license, or an adult ed license. In some cases, the cost is less than $1/year per EL!
Step 3: Fax or email the completed order form. Your order will be processed immediately and your
site set up within 24 hours! You’ll also receive an informative welcome packet.
Step 4: Review the Grammar Gallery welcome packet,
which includes your log-in information and password. Share the information with educators in your school (school license) or district (district license).
Step 5: Schedule a virtual inservice with a Grammar Gallery educational consultant. Any teacher can participate with a phone and computer! Grammar Gallery includes implementation assistance and professional development throughout the license period!
Step 6: Begin using Grammar Gallery and watch your students master the rules of grammar, build their vocabulary, and develop academic language proficiency. Contact The Teacher Writing Center any time with questions or suggestions. Educators are our partners!
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