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Grammar Gallery co-authors Roberta Stathis and Patrice Gotsch have worked collaboratively in the development of educational materials for more than 15 years. Click here for their full publication list.

Roberta and Patrice, both former teachers of English learners in the U.S. and abroad, have unique backgrounds that combine classroom experience with extensive writing and publishing of instructional and assessment materials. Their special focus on the needs of English language learners and their teachers has resulted in the publication of articles, books, and innovative English language development programs and supplemental materials. Roberta and Patrice are also co-authors of Basic Grammar Station for K-12 students, Carousel of IDEAS for K-5 students, and Champion of IDEAS for students in grades 6-12.

Roberta holds a bachelorís degree in anthropology and social sciences (1975) and a masterís degree in education (1985) from California State University, San Bernardino. She earned her doctorate in education (1989) from the Claremont Graduate University in California. Patrice earned a bachelorís degree in speech communications from The George Washington University (1992) in Washington, D.C. and was awarded a master of arts in teaching degree with a specialization in TESOL (1998) from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.
Staff & Consultants
Bob Batson oversees billing, accounting, outreach, and operations for Grammar Gallery. He has more than 30 years of experience in financial management and customer service. Bob resides in Nashville, Tennessee. You can reach Bob via email at [email protected].

Sally Eastman, administrative director, has a weath of business administrative experience. She works with prospective and current Grammar Gallery users on a wide range of customer service issues. Sally resides in Virginia and can be reached at [email protected].

Nicole Jewell handles special projects for Grammar Gallery. She has been working in the area of customer service for more than 30 years. Nicole resides in Virginia and can be reached at [email protected].

Jennifer Washer
has served as a classroom teacher in elementary schools in Louisiana and Texas. She is currently an editor for Grammar Gallery and resides in Nebraska.

Mike Hirshon does graphic design and illustrations for Grammar Gallery. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, 3◊3, Creative Quarterly, CMYK, and the AIGA. Mike resides in New York City.

Chris Stathis is Grammar Gallery's technology advisor. His responsibilities include strategic planning, technical services, and technology evangelism. Chris has held numerous senior management positions throughout a wide range of public sector agencies. He has successfully planned and implemented numerous enterprise-wide technology initiatives, executed multi-year strategic plans, and served on many local, regional and state IT steering organizations. Chris resides in El Paso, Texas.

Dewey Badeaux is a contributing writer for Grammar Gallery. He has co-developed a number of educational programs, including a collection of award-winning graphic novels. Dewey resides in Austin, Texas.

Gregory Blanch is a contributing writer for Grammar Gallery. He is the author of several textbooks for English learners, and is a professor at New Mexico State University. Gregory resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Chrisi West is a seasoned web specialist who consults on Grammar Gallery web design and troubleshoots technical issues. Chrisi resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Melissa Haldorsen is an editorial consultant and contributing writer for Grammar Gallery. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Florida and currently resides in Orange County, California.

Melane Boyce, general consultant, is based in Virginia and has many years of experience as a educational policy advocate and program analyst. 
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